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What are the room requirements for a remote (at-home) TEAS Exam?

Follow these guidelines for setting up your exam environment in order to take the remote (at-home) version of the ATI TEAS Exam.

Here are some suggestions on setting up your room/testing environment for the remote (at-home) version of the ATI TEAS Exam. 

Before taking the remote (at-home) version of the ATI TEAS Exam, it is important to make sure that your exam environment is set up for success. The following tips will allow you to go through your exam with as few technical difficulties and distractions as possible:

● Approach your online exam like you would any in-person exam on campus.
● Complete your DRY RUN to ensure all of your hardware, the lockdown browser, and your internet connection is working properly before your actual test day.  Be sure to take the dry run in the same location where you plan to take the proctored version of the TEAS Exam.
● Try sitting at a kitchen, coffee, or dining table with suitable natural or artificial light and a blank wall behind you.
● If your camera is having trouble picking up your image, it is likely a lighting or a background issue.

  • Try adjusting the height or angle of your webcam, lowering your webcam or raising it, or possibly turning it from one side to another to find the perfect lighting.
  • Try moving closer to or further away from the webcam. Sometimes if we sit too close or too far the webcam and the system has difficulty picking up our features.
  • Try finding a different spot to take your exam that has a less distracting background.
    Sometimes when your background is too busy with posters, pictures, colors or designs, it can be difficult to differentiate your features and identify you.
  • Think like you’re taking a selfie. If there is too much light in front of you (perhaps from a lamp) or behind you (perhaps from open windows), some of your facial features may become difficult to see.

You must remain on-camera and be in total view of the webcam for the entirety of the test outside of scheduled breaks, or your test attempt may be considered invalid.   This is the number one reason testers may get flagged for review.  Testers should be centered on camera with their entire testing area in view throughout the entire test. 

If you wear glasses, you may experience glare from the reflection and the system may have difficulty picking up your image.

  • To fix this, try adjusting the angle of your head a bit and focus on the screen rather than the webcam.
  • You can also adjust the brightness on your computer to reduce the glare on your
  • Lastly, if all else fails for the identity verification process you can take off your glasses so
    that the webcam and system can pick up your image. Once this process is over you can
    put your glasses back on and resume your exam.

Any non-testing accessories (tissue, drink, etc.) or objects other than scratch paper should not be present in the testing area unless absolutely necessary. Any use of these accessories may be reported as an irregularity. Questions about scratch paper?  Click this link

The use of headphones or headsets is only allowed as an approved testing accommodation.  For more information, please follow this link

Note:  You may take a break following the math section of the proctored TEAS exam to use the restroom, get a drink, etc.  This break is available for both at-home exams and in-person exams. For an at-home exam, you must leave your camera on with a view of your testing area even during a break. 

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