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Getting Started with the ATI TEAS Online Practice Tests

ATI's Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a critical exam for prospective nursing and allied health students. Here's how to use the ATI TEAS Online Practice Tests to help boost your scores:

  1. Understand the Structure of the Test: The TEAS test has four sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. Each section has a different number of questions and a different amount of time allotted. Make sure you understand the test's structure and the types of questions you'll face. More details about the test.
  2. Take a Diagnostic Test: Before starting your preparation, take one of your practice tests to assess your current knowledge level. Don’t go through the rationales (right or wrong answer descriptions), just answer each question as if you were taking the actual exam. Your score report at the end of the test will give you a baseline score, identify your strengths and weaknesses and give you an idea of what areas require the most study time.
  3. Review and Study: Based on your practice test results, begin reviewing materials and studying the areas where you are weakest outlined in the score report. The ATI TEAS Study Manual is an excellent resource that can guide you through the subject matter you'll need to know for the test and aligns with the content areas in the score report.
  4. Use Practice Tests Regularly: Practice tests are not just for diagnosing weaknesses—they're also for practice. Regularly take practice tests to get used to the question formats, the calculator, and the pace of the test. Over time, this will reduce anxiety and increase your speed and accuracy. You can take practice tests A and B two times each. That’s four total practice attempts.  For additional practice, check out our Official ATI TEAS Prep App for on-the-go studying.  You'll get over 2,300 TEAS practice questions all aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7 Exam. 
  5. Understand Your Mistakes: After each practice test, carefully review the questions you answered incorrectly. Don't just mark the correct answer—take the time to understand why your answer was wrong and why the correct answer is right. This deepens your understanding and helps prevent future mistakes.
  6. Simulate Real Testing Conditions: On your last practice attempt, treat your practice test like the real thing. Find a quiet place, time yourself, and avoid interruptions. This will help condition your mind for the actual test day. Use the score report to identify any areas that need some additional focus.
  7. Healthy Habits: Lastly, get plenty of rest, eat well, and exercise regularly. Taking care of your body can significantly improve your mental performance.

Remember, consistency in studying is key. Review a little every day rather than cramming all at once. The more familiar you are with the material and the test format, the more comfortable you'll feel on the day of the TEAS test.