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Can I send my TEAS transcript to other schools if I took the TEAS 4.0?

Transcript limitations for students who are required to take the ATI TEAS, Version 4.0.

Attention All Students Scheduled to Take the ATI TEAS Version 4.0

The ATI TEAS 4.0 platform cannot send your official transcripts to schools other than the one where you are taking the exam. This restriction could impact your application process for other schools or programs that need an official transcript of your TEAS scores. 

Recommended Actions:

  • Verify Requirements: We urge all students to contact the admissions office of the institutions or programs to which they plan to apply. Confirm their specific requirements for transcript submissions to ensure your application will be considered complete.
  • ATI TEAS Version 7 Consideration: Please be aware that the ATI TEAS, Version 7, is the most current version of the exam. If you are applying to schools or programs that utilize the ATI TEAS Version 7, you may be required to take this updated version to meet their admissions criteria.

Navigating Your Academic Journey: We recognize the importance of this exam in your educational journey and are committed to providing you with the necessary information to navigate this process effectively. For any inquiries or additional information, please get in touch with your school's admissions office or the testing center directly.