Where can I find free TEAS study resources?

Here are some recommended FREE resources for the ATI TEAS Exam.

Try our FREE Official ATI TEAS Prep App.  We have a FREE version, 30-day premium version, or 90-day premium version.


Listen to our interviews on recent podcasts where we give study tips, practice questions, and more.

Straight A Nursing:  How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Exam

Life in Scrubs:  Prepping for the TEAS Exam with Tami Kelly of ATI

Check out our pre-nursing student blog for even more study tips, FAQ's and more practice questions.  ATI Nursing Blog

 Visit the events section on our ATI Facebook Page for live study sessions.  Here are some of our most popular events for the TEAS:

Let’s Review! ATI TEAS Prep, Math and Science Questions + More

An Inside Look at the TEAS Exam

Let's Talk TEAS!  Your FAQ's Answered

Everything Test takers really want to know about the TEAS


Be sure to visit our ATI TEAS Prep page for the most comprehensive prep materials available, with thousands of practice questions based on the content and format of the ATI TEAS, Version 7 exam.  The exam that we created.