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What is the cost of the ATI TEAS exam?

The cost of the ATI TEAS proctored exam varies by where you take your exam. On average, the cost of the ATI TEAS exam is about $120. Here is a breakout:

TEAS at ATI exams are $120.
TEAS at PSI exams are $120.
TEAS exams taken at institutions or testing centers sometimes vary in cost.

Why does the cost of the exam vary?  Each testing location, including schools and testing centers, sets the price of the exam taken at their location.  Additional fees beyond the exam fee may include proctor fees,  scheduling fees, room fees, security monitoring fees for remote exams, etc. that are included in the TEAS registration fee. And those fees vary from school to school. However, you will find that most TEAS exams average out to be about $120. 

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