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Proctor not available Error

You may receive an error message stating that your Proctor is not Available when starting your ATI TEAS Remote (at-home) exam.

There are several reasons why you may receive this Proctor Not Available error message.

1.  You have the wrong test date or time.  Please keep in mind that all TEAS at ATI exam registrations are made in central time.  You must personally adjust your start time to your time zone.  Refer to your registration email to double-check the date and time of your exam.

2.  You do not have the correct Assessment ID.  Please contact the school that is administering the exam to make sure you have the correct assessment ID to launch your TEAS Exam.  You should have received a contact person on your receipt for your TEAS at Institution Exam registration. 

Please refer to this self-help article to resolve common remote proctored exam issues.