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How to purchase an additional TEAS Transcript

Step-by-step instructions to purchasing an additional TEAS Transcript.

How to Purchase a TEAS Transcript

ATI has made it possible for students to purchase an additional TEAS Transcript after the completion of their TEAS exam. Complete these steps to purchase a TEAS Transcript from either your ATI Student Account or the ATI’s Online Store.

One free transcript is included with your TEAS exam registration.  You will need to purchase an additional transcript if you plan to send your TEAS results to more than one school.  Please make sure you check with the school(s) where you will be sending results prior to purchasing an additional transcript.  Some schools will not accept test results from TEAS exams taken outside of their institution.

Purchase Directly from your ATI Student Account

 To access your Student Account, sign on to www.atitesting.com with your account’s Username and Password.