How to improve TEAS score on 2nd Attempt

ATI TEAS SmartPrep is proven to improve scores by more than 7.5% on TEAS Exams.

The total scores achieved before and after the use of the SmartPrep program were
compared for estimating the gains in ATI TEAS proctored test total scores. Our general
findings are summarized as follows:

1. The use of the SmartPrep program in each subject alone helped improve ATI TEAS total
score by 7.5% points on average.
2. Below Proficient-status students improved at a higher rate than Proficient-status
students, with about 2.0%-point more gains.
3. For the Below Proficient students, over half (about 55%) achieved a score at or above
Proficient level after the use of the SmartPrep program.

Click for more information about ATI TEAS SmartPrep.  SmartPrep is a self-paced tutorial that identifies areas that need improvement through a series of pre-tests and then develops a personalized tutorial based on those pre-test results. SmartPrep Video

In addition, pull the focused review found on your ATI TEAS Exam Results in your ATI Student Account.  This review will also highlight areas that need improvement for your 2nd attempt from your proctored exam results.