How to get started with the Official ATI TEAS Study Guide

Tips on getting started with the ATI TEAS Study Guide

The ATI TEAS Study Guide is a comprehensive guide that is designed to help you prepare for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), which is a standardized test used to assess the academic skills of students who are planning to enter nursing or allied health programs. Here are some tips on how to use the ATI TEAS Study Guide effectively:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the structure of the test: Before you start studying, it's important to understand the format and content of the TEAS exam. The ATI TEAS Study Guide provides an overview of the ATI TEAS Version 7 Exam, including the types of questions you can expect to see in each section.
  2. Download the addendum if you have a printed ATI TEAS Study Guide.  The addendum will provide any corrections to the study guide that may have occurred since it was printed.  The ATI TEAS ebook is updated regularly and does not require an addendum.
  3. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Take a practice test or review the sample questions/full-length practice test in the ATI TEAS Study Guide to identify the areas where you are strongest and weakest. Focus your study efforts on the sections where you need the most improvement.  We highly suggest our ATI TEAS Online Practice Tests A & B to evaluate strengths and weaknesses when determining topics to study. The score report and topics to review following the online practice exams A & B gives specific content to review in the ATI TEAS Study Guide.
  4. Use this as a study guide: The ATI TEAS Study Guide is organized into chapters that correspond to the sections of the TEAS exam. Use the manual as a guide to study the material thoroughly and systematically.
  5. Practice, practice, practice: The more practice questions you do, the better prepared you will be for the exam. The ATI TEAS Study Guide includes practice questions and a full-length practice exam that you can use to test your knowledge and practice your test-taking skills.
  6. Review your progress regularly: Keep track of your progress by taking regular practice tests and reviewing your scores. Use this information to adjust your study plan and focus on areas needing more work.
  7. Seek additional resources: The ATI TEAS Study Guide is a great resource, but other resources are available. Consider using other study materials from ATI, including our Online Practice Tests A & B, our Official TEAS Prep App, and our intensive TEAS SmartPrep Tutorial.  All are aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7 blueprint and developed by the creators of the actual TEAS exam. 

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