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How is the ATI TEAS Test Scored?

The ATI TEAS scores are equated. See below for a sample TEAS Score Report.

ATI TEAS provides a Total score, Content Area scores (Reading, Math, Science, and English), and Sub-Content Area scores (e.g., Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure). While all of these score types range from 0.0 to 100%, they are calculated differently and, as a result, have different properties.

Total and Content Area scores are equated, meaning that they are based on the percentage of items answered correctly but adjusted to account for differences across forms (different versions of the ATI TEAS exam). While this allows scores to be compared from one form (test) to another, it also means that these scores are not directly calculable from other information on the score report. Specifically, content area scores cannot be used to calculate the total score, and sub-content area scores cannot be used to calculate content area scores.
In contrast, the Sub-Content Area scores are calculated as the percentage of questions in each sub-content Area answered correctly. Because these scores are not equated across different forms of the exam, they should not be compared.

Follow this link for a sample ATI TEAS, Version 7, score report:  Sample Score Report


Total and Content Area Scores

Sub-Content Area Scores


0.0 to 100%

0.0 to 100%

Equated (comparable) across forms?



How is it calculated?

Percent of items answered correctly, ADJUSTED for differences in form difficulty

Percent of items answered correctly