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How do I get my TEAS Assessment ID?

The TEAS Assessment ID distribution varies by where you take your ATI TEAS proctored exam.

If you registered for the TEAS exam Online (at-home) at Institution, you will receive your assessment ID from the school.  They usually send the TEAS Assessment ID via email about 48 hours prior to your exam.  If you have not received your assessment ID, please contact your school.  The main contact should be listed on the email confirmation you received when you registered for the TEAS Exam. 

If you are taking a TEAS exam in person at a school or testing center, the proctor will give your the test ID and instructions prior to the start of the exam. 

If you registered for a TEAS at ATI exam, you should have received an email from ATI with your TEAS Assessment ID.  You will only need this ID if your TEAS at ATI exam card did not load into your student account under the TEST Tab, otherwise, the TEAS at ATI exam and associated ID should load automatically into your account.  If you have any issues, please contact ATI Test Security at  proctor@atitesting.com or 1-844-956-2790  (this number is only available during exam hours and for remote exams at ATI).